NEW!! – The Pandemic Dances

“The Pandemic Dances” flow from my previous dance-on-camera pursuits. Sheltered at home due to pandemic, miles apart from and grappling with my mother’s final days, I created a small dance for her utilizing at-hand elements of lighting, sound, set. This first film is leading into a series seeking to capture the character of the moment in which we’re living through intimate dances in interior settings – my first effort to capture autobiographical work on film in movement and imagery.

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Pandemic Dances

The Pandemic Dances Nos. 1 – 5

It’s lockdown – we cried, we laughed, we stressed, we cooked. A pandemic narrative is suggested in five short dance films.

Pandemic Dance No. 1

A Dance for A – Pandemic Dance No. 1

Mom is nearing the end of her life as a pandemic rages: I am here; she is there. I made her a dance.

Pandemic Dance No. 2

Zooming – Pandemic Dance No. 2

Sheltering in place, Zoom is a lifeline and an inspiration. Then something else happens.

Pandemic Dance No. 3

Nature Morte – Pandemic Dance No. 3

Life may have stilled. All is not calm.

Pandemic Dance No. 4

Turbulence – Pandemic Dance No. 4

“Sleep comes more easily than it returns.” ― Victor Hugo

Pandemic Dance No. 5

Test Kitchen – Pandemic Dance No. 5

“Tutti a tavola a mangiare..” Lidia Bastianich

And another new project…

Four short yoga-inspired movement videos – featuring Adrienne Dornbusch – meant to inspire and uplift mind, body, and spirit.

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Postures In Pink

Adrienne Dornbusch, yogini

Inspiring renewal and rebirth against a peony photograph by Beth Burstein.

Music: Moby

Shakti Calls Forth

Adrienne Dornbusch, yogini

Dynamic poses for a change of season against a Stanley Goldberg fall foliage photograph.

Music: Grant Miller

A Flame Rises

Adrienne Dornbusch, yogini

Uplifting the chakras against a Stanley Goldberg tulip photograph.

Music: Paula Kimper

Aspiring To Vertical

Adrienne Dornbusch, yogini

Joining ground to sky against a Stanley Goldberg iris photograph.

Music: Grant Miller